User and Role management

Customizing User registeration input fields

Provides user lists and add customized property for each users settings.

User management

Management * System * User Management


Register / Editing user groups
Click on group shows users belong to specific group on grid (3).


Register / Edigint roles
Clcik on role shows users that have privileged on the role and shows on grid (3).


To register new user, click on *Add user* button on toolbar
To editing user, click on user id on grid lists.


Menu access control by roles

Controls visibile / hidden on menu, toolbar and specific application functions by roles

Management * System * Feature Controls


Click on role name on (1). Access permission is checked on (2)


To give permission on specific menu, toggle check button to checked status. After editing all permissions, click on save button to apply on meta content.


User UI configuration and settings

Side menu * Preference


Click on preference on side menu bottom section.


On preferences setting popup screen, select Application tab and select template to layout application.


Click confirm and refresh browser to apply changes.