The Dimension is the analytic value corresponding to the row or column of the pivot report grid results. The creation of the dimension is registered through the table and inlineview entities in the business object.

The dimension supports quantitative data with numeric values, a code field that represents the item identification code, and a date.

Editing Dimension

Business Object * Click on Table / InlineVIew * Click on dimension entity on the grid lists.


Click the field name to open detailed dimension edit window.


After changing the settings, click OK button to save changes to the server.





Sorting direction

Specify descending or ascending order


Sorting type

Specify whether to sort numbers or sort alphabetically
For example: 1. Product remarks, 2. Product status, 10. Product status.
In case of numeric sort of data, natural sorting results will be shown as bellow:

1. Product remarks, 2. Product status, 10. Product status, Product status, and 2. product status.


Display field

Dimension entity used as a code value and use this value as filter value.


Sort field

Dimension to be used for sorting on this dimension.


Base style

Name of the global base style to apply to this dimension.


Ignore blank value

Specify whether or not to hide the result value if it is empty.


Date type field

Check when the operation requires the date type and formatting


Code mapping

When displaying the value in conjunction with the code mapping item, select the corresponding code mapping item.


Use Geo Code

Specify whether to fetch latitude and longitude information as hidden values ​​based on this dimension.