Layouting Filter Prompt

The filter prompt layout is a layout that expresses filtering conditions such as combo boxes and text input. Filter Prompt Layout allows you to provide a filtering area that users can easily change and view.

Filtering The filter items in the prompt layout can be added by dragging a metric item from the analysis cube or by selecting a prompt value rather than an analysis cube item.

Layout options on filter prompt

Layout Edit Mode - Click the Settings button on the Filter Prompt panel


Select the detail item in the filter item.


You can edit the prompt view options by clicking the Settings button in the filter entry list.

Filter Prompt Item Detail Settings





Object ID

The filter prompt name can be used in queries in the form $ {object id}.



Name of filter


Value Mode



Column merge

Placed in same column as previous filter item


Popup dialog

Specify whether to allow selection of values ​​in the pop-up dialog


Is necessary field

Specify whether to not query if a value is not selected


Enable select all

Whether to add an entire value entry


Select title

Title text of the entire value portion


Hierarchy filter

Specify the hierarchy of filters that should be selected first

For example, in case of country name, city name, and city details, a country name is assigned to the city name filter, and if the country name and city name are specified in the city details field, When city name is selected, city details corresponding to city and country name are displayed.


Value format



Date type selection type



Date start year



Date end year




Set the hierarchy of filter prompts

Provides the setting function for the hierarchical relationship for the selection of the country-city hierarchy. If the value of the country filter entry is selected, then a list of all the cities corresponding to that country is retrieved and provided to user.

How to create a tree-shaped filter through a sheet area

After setting a plurality of line items in a sheet area, a report data-retrieved in a tree form can be utilized as a drill source report of another sheet.

For example, you can arrange two sheets in a report, arrange the country-city in the pivot design of the first sheet, and then specify the second report as the drill-through report. If you click on a country in the first sheet result, the country is set as a filter on the second sheet. If you double click on the country and the detailed city, the country and the detailed city are applied as the drill filter of the second sheet.