Grid Styles

The format for grid styles and data can be added in the Style Manager in the Admin menu by adding default items and custom items. The grid style in the analytic business object can be changed by extending the administrator's default style, and overridden in the default style will be reflected only when the changed content is stored in the style contents.

After creating the blue fore color style item as an additional custom item in the business object style, inherit the dimension item of the basic item and change the font color of the data area to blue and save it. If you later change the background color of the dimension item to yellow in the default manager style editor, the background color of the inherited custom item blue_metric will also automatically change to yellow. However, if you change the font color to red, the font color of the inherited custom item is not changed.

It is advisable to perform overall style management in the administrator default style manager, and if you need to override it for each business object, create an additional custom item.